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The AI-powered organization is here.

Faster, better, and cheaper are no longer sufficient.

We need to reinvent how we serve our customers.

We must rethink how we work.

And, most importantly, we need to reimagine our role as leaders.

What is now possible that was not before?

Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy focused on designing companies for the 21st century. Over the past two decades, he has emerged as a leading authority on disruptive innovation, digital transformation, and new approaches to thinking. As a global nomad, futurist, and author of three bestselling books, Mike provides guidance to some of the world’s largest organizations on reinvention and change in the era of machine intelligence.

A prolific writer and commentator, Mike’s perspectives have been featured in various international publications, including Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal. He is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, exploring cutting-edge leadership topics such as data-driven decision-making, agile organizations, algorithmic management, and AI ethics. Mike hosts a weekly podcast, Between Worlds, where he interviews provocative thinkers, innovators, and troublemakers.

Mike’s latest book, «The Algorithmic Leader,» serves as a hopeful and practical guide for reinventing leadership and organizations. The book has gained global popularity and is now available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Polish, and Russian. In 2019, «The Algorithmic Leader» was chosen to be presented to world leaders and executive attendees of the Ambrosetti Global Forum at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio, Italy.

His first book, «Futuretainment,» published by Phaidon, received the design award from the Art Director’s Club in New York. Released in 2009, it accurately predicted the transformative impact of the smartphone on the media and marketing industry, as well as the rise of social media, digital influencers, streaming entertainment, and the Metaverse.

In «The Dictionary of Dangerous Ideas» (2014), Mike foresaw breakthroughs in micro satellite networks, cryptocurrencies, remote work, digital protest movements, life extension technologies, self-driving cars, drones, digital biology, and the commercialization of space.

As a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker, Mike has delivered over a thousand talks in the last decade, ranging from strategic briefings for boards of companies like Verizon and Raytheon to employee summits for healthcare corporations that filled sports stadiums with audiences of over 25,000 people. In addition to in-person and virtual presentations, Mike collaborates with enterprise learning and development leaders to create compelling programs that up-skill teams for a world of AI-powered competition.

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